Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello, Bloggers!

Today we have lot of blogging platforms, like Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter, TypePad, LiveJournal (and much much more)

And there are lot of tools to update and manage blogs, starting from web-interfaces (like in Wordpress), special applications like Tweetdeck, Windows Live Writer for Windows and many others..

But is there something missing still? Let's discuss it!

-Eugene Mironichev, developer of free Post2Blog desktop utility for Windows


Unknown said...

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Neeraj said...


Where have you hosted online help for your Post2Blog application?

I'm trying to configure it to work with my Blogger account but apparently Google's changed the API location...

Any help would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Dear sir, I have the same Neeraj's question...
Is there any solution?

RedSpider said...

I'm gonna have to say what you lack is a link to download post2blog on your blog about post2blog. That's kinda... obvious?